About Alpha Athletics

Alpha Athletics was founded in 2014 in the hopes of providing South Jersey with elite level sports performance training. Located in Cherry Hill, NJ, the 7,500 sqft. facility is outfitted with only cutting edge equipment based off of several Division 1 and professional strength and conditioning facilities. In addition to our 20 yards of indoor turf, the facility also includes 40 yards of outdoor turf which are used in the Fall, Spring and Summer months. Alpha has been the training home for hundreds of collegiate level and Division 1 athletes in addition to members of the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and NLL.

Christian Lauer, Owner

Christian was a three-sport athlete in high school and continued to play baseball at the D3 level. While in college, Christian fell in love with strength and conditioning to the point where he became an integral part of his own team’s program design throughout the year.

After finishing college, Christian knew he wanted to continue to work with athletes so in 2011 he took his first position as a sports performance coach and has been training athletes ever since. He’s worked with athletes at every level from middle school to collegiate and even members of the MLB, NFL and NHL.

Christian has also had major success with his adult population clients working on everything from general fat loss/muscle gain to preparing for Spartan Races, 5Ks and triathlons.

Dennis Adams, Owner

With a coaching career starting in the 2008, Dennis has worked with every level of athlete and adult, even being sought after to work with NFL athletes Jeremy Maclin and UFC athletes Paul Felder and Jonavin Webb.

Dennis believes that a strong foundation in strength will lead to success on the field and on the court, but also acknowledges that it can play a major role in injury prevention as well. Dennis is a major resource for Alpha Athletics in the way he is able to help individuals rehab from past injuries/surgeries and also design programs that continue to allow the individual to train like an elite athlete even with past issues.

In high school, Dennis suffered from a near career ending lower back injury that required surgery. He was not only able to rehab back to “healthy,” but now regularly competes in jiu-jitsu competitions and powerlifting meets with a 350 lb. bench, 505 lb. squat and 600 lb. deadlift.