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Do These 5 Things and Get Faster
September 19, 2017
Hey guys,
Thanks for checking out our newly designed website. We get questions each day via Instagram, e-mail or in person on various topics regarding training.
Instead of answering each question individually, we decided to turn certain questions into blog topics that we can expand on further and be able to educate more and more people.


We’re going to try to post at least once per week on here covering:
  •  sports specific training
  •  nutrition
  •  speed and agility
  •  fat loss techniques
  •  supplement information
  •  the latest studies going on in the strength and conditioning world
We’ll also use this to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening inside the gym such as promotional offers and current athlete spotlights.
Again, thanks for checking us out and be on the lookout for next week’s blog, “Designing a Proper Warm Up.”
– Christian